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Friday, 23 January 2009 02:56

Waiver Agreement must be signed by all members each year including the  "Society of Dry Dockers".

Members must be in good standing.  Dues paying members are voting members. 

Dues must be paid at the beginning of each month (1st-15th) unless paid in full. $15 per month, which amounts to $135 per year .  Dues are collected March through November. (Membership may be put on hold in case of reoccurrence of cancer by contacting the Board of Directors.) Dues do not include travel expenses incurred while attending festivals or regattas.

Dues may be adjusted, if necessary, only if approved by the Board of Directors. 60 days notice must be given to Members.

Each Member is expected to participate in a minimum number of practices to be announced by the Coach. Practice schedule to be determined by the Coach

A formal meeting will be conducted once every quarter. Members will be contacted via email or phone.

Members are expected to comply with all safety procedures. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Members are expected to wear life jackets at all times when in the boat. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The team will consist of many members, but will be divided into different Crews for practices and races as needed. A team consists of:

  • 20 Paddlers
  • 1 Coach
  • 1 Steersman

Some Members may be asked to train for different positions by the Coach. He/she has experience and will be able to determine the most effective place for a paddler.

Each member will be expected to volunteer for special events or designated Cajun Invasion supported events.

Cajun Invasion Team Members will hold fundraisers to raise monies to attend

Festivals and races to be decided by team members.

We will work as a team to educate the community about Dragon Boat Racing and the benefits of forming a team to act as an active support system to survivors of cancer.

Dragon Boat Racing is a survivor sport and while we are going to have fun, we must be responsible for each other's safety while in the boat. All safety rules will be addressed by the Coach.

If a problem occurs, please advise a Member of the Board of Directors and follow up with a written statement in order to insure the problem has been addressed.

Members will foster a healthy caring attitude toward other members and support each other. We are all survivors and can "PADDLE" together for a common goal.

From time to time maintenance must be performed on the boat and paddles. All Members will be expected to help with their duty in order to keep the equipment in the best and safest condition for our Team.

Members must be acutely aware of health issues of other Team Members. Start slow as we are learning a new sport and our muscles need to adjust. Warm ups are a must before paddling.

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