Coaching Guidelines Print
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 23 January 2009 02:57
The Coach must be fully committed to Cajun Invasion objectives:

To compete and have FUN!

To demonstrate that people can participate fully in their life after cancer, including breast cancer.

To improve the physical and psychological well being of people who have had cancer.

To realize we are one team with many crews.

To emphasize putting the best race forward with respect to their crew, not with respect to the other crews.

Coaches must understand -

Each Member is an individual and has a unique set of physical limitations under which he/she can perform at his/her best.

Must be able to assess each Paddler's skill level and work within that parameter.

Develop a training schedule to take individual Paddlers, at different fitness levels and meld them into a racing team.

Help each Paddler realize the benefit of exercise year round.

Other coaching considerations -

Willingness to commit time, energy and emotion.

Have leadership and good communication skills.

Must be cooperative and encourage cooperation.

Show respect for governing sport rules, officials, other coaches and all Members of Cajun Invasion.

Be sensitive, supportive, motivating, positive and encouraging.

Must be able to multi-task.

Be technically competent and learn and know the purpose of the various drills.

Other important points -

Be able to work closely with the Manager and Captain.

Be aware of any ongoing health issues and clarify problems with the medical advisor.

Be aware of the "Dragon Boat Racing Safety Notice".

Attend all coaching clinics, courses, etc. endorsed by Cajun Invasion.

Mentor new potential Cajun Invasion Members as coaches.