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Friday, 23 January 2009 03:16
Beginning of Season and Ongoing:

Maintain communication with Coach, Captain and all Paddlers to ensure practice times, locations and details of special events are known. Ensure information is passed on to those who do not have email.

Prepare and maintain a Crew Roster with name, address, phone number and email.

Obtain Waiver forms from Cajun Invasion, which Crew Members must complete. Retain Waivers on file (in case of problems such as injury or damage to equipment).

Attend team practices and keep a record of attendance. Inform Captain if unable to attend practice.

Make sure new Paddlers are comfortable and feel free to ask questions. Also be available (with the Captain) to support anyone with a special need.

Respond to all emails and calls from the Coach/Captain/Crew.

Preparation of Festivals/Regattas:

Make early contact with Race Registrar, notify intention of Crew's participation and obtain Event Information Package.

Complete Crew Information Form, Crew Roster and Waiver Forms and forward to Race Registrar.

Ensure Registration Fees are sent in on time.

Attend Managers' meetings as required by event organizers - brief Coach, Captain and Crew.

Read, understand and brief Crew on Rules and Regulations of the event.

Obtain and distribute the Racers Passes and Parking Passes where required.

As requested, assist in arranging accommodations for out of town events.

Inform Crew of details of welcoming party (if scheduled).

During Festivals/Regattas:

Inform Crew of tent allocation and review site map; ensure all Crew Members have their race passes; obtain and review with Coach, Captain and Crew the Race Grid that specifies timing and makeup of each race on the first day of competition.

From Course Marshall determine location of marshalling areas and required time when Crew must be present. ENSURE team moves to this area ON TIME.

Keep Captain and Coach up to date on progression of races so Crew has appropriate time for warm-up, visualization and movement to marshalling area.

At marshalling area, be prepared to look after items such as life jackets, water bottles, etc. (have pack on hand for items).

Periodically obtain race results as posted and inform Crew.

Where competitions extend over 2 days, the Manager MUST remain on site the first day until the race grid for the following day has been posted so the Crew can be informed of the first race for the following morning and arrive on time.

Ensure all Crew Members attend awards ceremony.

Travel Festivals/Regattas

Collect any commitment fees from the Treasurer (or Travel Committee) and disburse according to the wishes of the Crew.

Ensure that equipment (tent, banners, flags, etc.) as needed are reserved and arrange for them to be delivered to the site.

Obtain contact phone numbers for all Crew Members at event and keep in contact as necessary.

After Festival/Regatta

Ensure all personal effects have been picked up.

If the Crew qualifies for awards and some members leave early (usually for transport reasons) make sure to pick up medals or ribbons for them.

Optional but respectful - send a message of thanks to the Race Director and any other person of the host organizers who has been helpful to the Team.