Steersperson Guidelines Print
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Friday, 23 January 2009 03:17
The Steersperson must:

Be responsible for the safety of the boat from the time the boat starts to load until the boat is unloaded at the completion of the practice/race.

Be the first member to get into the boat - always checks the steering arm is secure in its bracket, all the water has been bailed, everyone is seated and the boat is balanced, before leaving the dock.

Remains standing while steering, scanning 360 degrees of the water, checking for traffic. The Steersperson is the eyes and ears of the crew - safety is paramount.

Know the rules of the road, i.e., keep right, give right, big is right, no one is right (Maritime Law).

Work with the team using a loud voice and a set of clear and consistent commands so everyone understands the commands and follows them quickly.

Be aware of changing weather patterns and be prepared to return to dock if water gets rough.

Work together with the Drummer, echoing calls, ensure Paddlers at the back of the boat feel included with those at the front, and encourage everyone.

Attend all Steering Clinic/workshops endorsed by Cajun Invasion and practice skills learned as often as possible so you can handle the unexpected.

Pass the Steering Accreditation Test before any festival.

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