Safety Person Guidelines Print
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Friday, 23 January 2009 03:18
At the beginning of the season:

Safety Person must -

Review all safety notices.

Appoint a substitute safety person.

Establish whether there is a person on the Crew that has current First Aid training, and ask that person to put together a small emergency kit.

Establish whether anyone on the Crew is a non-swimmer.

All Paddlers, Steerspersons and Drummers must wear a proper fitting, approved personal flotation device (life jacket/vest). If possible, the life jacket/vest should be equipped with a whistle.

Wear clothing that is appropriate to weather/water conditions - including light footwear, waterproof tops, pants and hats when conditions require it. Also wear "paddling type" gloves to protect your hands from injury or infection

On every boat before each practice there should be on board -

4 bailers

3 extra paddles

1 extra life jacket

Emergency kit in a waterproof container

A cell phone and a whistle in a waterproof bag, to be used for emergencies.

Portable lights, fore and aft, must be used when paddling at dusk or in the dark.

Confirm with the Coach before practice how many people are on board and have each person know the name of her seat-buddy.

Paddlers should be made aware of the safety practices in the boat, as follows:

Loading and unloading the boat.

Using the paddle as a stabilizer on the command of BRACE THE BOAT by leaning out slightly over the side of the boat and pressing the paddles blades flat on the water, at arms length.

Responding to the command HOLD THE BOAT by placing their paddles deeply and vertically in the water and holding them firmly.

What do we do if we capsize? - This is a RARE occurrence, but can happen.


DO NOT attempt to swim to shore; stay with the boat and, if possible, hold onto it.

The Drummer and Steersperson to buddy up with the seat-mates closest to them.

Ensure that everyone is accounted for.

Use a whistle and/or a cell phone, if possible, to attract/call attention.

Stay close together, (huddle to reduce heat loss) and reassure each other.

Two paddles can be braced together to support fellow Paddlers.

If Steersperson, Drummer or other member of the Crew falls overboard -

Coach or Drummer should immediately call "HOLD THE BOAT".


Remember that every situation is different, so listen closely to the instructions of your Coach.

It is unwise to begin or continue a practice if a storm of high winds or lightning is occurring.